Pasito a Pasito ABA - Lake Jackson TX

Pretty girl in wheelchairBehavior Therapy

Children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities learn best by breaking tasks into small steps and using the strategies of applied behavior analysis in their natural environments. That is what we do at Pasito a Pasito, which means “little step by little step.” We are committed to teaching your child “pasito a pasito” and celebrate each acquired small step on the journey to the finish line, which is for your child and family to have the best quality of life. Pasito a Pasito ABA strives to include your family's cultural and linguistic background in the development of ABA interventions that are tailored to the needs of your child and family. We are fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Support and Advocacy

At Pasito a Pasito we recognize that collaboration with your child’s school is essential for his/her success, so our services include support and advocacy. Dr. Rohena has decades of experience working with special education teachers and school staff, and she works with your family and your child’s school to provide seamless treatment services. The benefits of close communication and consistency at home and school will enable your child to progress as quickly as possible.

We Serve Children Ages 3-21

  • who are on the Autistic Spectrum (with medical diagnosis),
  • with ADHD (with medical diagnosis),
  • with intellectual disabilities,
  • who exhibit challenging behaviors.

Services for Children and Their Families

  • Initial Consultation (Free)
  • Language and Social Skills Assessment
  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • ABA Therapy
  • Verbal Behavior Therapy
  • Treatment Guidance for Family Members
  • Collaboration with School Teams
  • Advocacy

Therapy Hours

Therapy for your child will be scheduled according to your child's needs and availability, and may include mornings, day time, evenings, weekdays and weekends.

Services for Education Professionals

  • Consultation
  • Professional Development - ABA Principles including Verbal Behavior

We Serve Southern Brazoria County