Pasito a Pasito ABA - Lake Jackson TX

We are a Preferred Provider for Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield

Coverage of ABA services varies across different insurance plans and may require preauthorization. Please check with your benefits coordinator to understand your coverage.

Medicaid does not cover ABA at this time

Senate Bill 589, signed into law in June, 2017, creates a state licensing board for applied behavior analysts. This may lead to Medicaid coverage for ABA services, but there is no coverage at this time.

Sliding Scale

We want our services to be affordable. If you are not covered by insurance, we have a sliding fee scale and flexible payment plans based on your ability to pay. Please call us for more information..

Maximizing Your Value

If your child is in school, Dr. Rohena can collaborate with and provide guidance to your child's teachers to extend ABA treatment into the classroom, thus increasing the value and effectiveness of the treatment. Some public schools have ABA therapists on staff, and Dr. Rohena can build them into the treatment plan, again increasing the value and effectiveness of the treatment your child receives.